How do i stop the calls?

The best way is to report the call to us.
With that information we will investigate the caller using our proprietary technology and research to identify the telemarketer for you. If we can track them down, we will file a legal complaint against them for you at no cost, to make sure they never call your phone ever again.

Do i have to pay you any money?

You do not have to pay us any money, period.

If we help you collect $1000 from a telemarketer, for example, then you receive that full amount.
We are awarded our attorney’s fees, either directly by the court, or through a settlement with the telemarketer.
Even if we collect nothing for ourselves, we will still fight to collect money on your behalf.

Is it necessary for me to answer the calls?

Yes. If you don’t answer the calls, we can’t confirm who is calling you and why they were calling you.
Answering the call also helps us determine whether the call was made using a pre-recorded message or autodialer.
It’s also helpful to know whether they were asking for you by name or looking for someone else.

What if we are not successful with a case?

That is our firm’s loss. Not yours.
When we file a case, we assume the risk. We carry the entire financial burden, regardless of whether we are successful or not. That is why we are very careful about which cases we are willing to bring. We make sure the case is air tight before filing one. The more information you can provide, including call logs, the better our chances.

Can all telemarketing calls be stopped?

If we can’t identify the telemarketer, then we cannot stop the calls for you. Even though we use very sophisticated technology to track down telemarketers, some of them evade us. If we cannot determine the identify of the telemarketer, then we cannot bring a claim against them.

How much work do I need to do once a case is in progress?

Each case is different and has different requirements but in general we’re the ones doing the day-to-day work on the case. Of course, we will keep you updated and want to hear your feedback but this is where we really shine. If we need anything more from you, then we’ll ask but our job is to make the process as simple as possible for you.

How much money will i make?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act provides that you can recover $500 for each call or text you receive. Our job is to recover that amount for you. However, every case is different and presents it’s own issues which may make it harder or easier to recover. Typically we are able to help consumers recover anywhere from $500 to $1500 from the telemarketer.

How do i determine if i received an auto-dialed call?

If you answered but did not hear anyone on the other line.
If you answered but it took a few seconds before before an agent spoke on the line.
If you answered but the call hangs up right away;
If you answered and heard an audible sound (pop or beep) before the agent began to speak.

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